Increase the light in your facility and cut the lighting bill in half.

Energy Savings Without Compromise


Going green is worthwhile, conscientious, admirable. But when you can give that nod to the environment and save between 55% - 80% on your energy bill immediately, you're using your head. At Deductive Energy we provide Orion Integrated Solutions to industrial companies with a guarantee to increase light levels in your facility while significantly reducing energy costs.

We will visit your workplace and provide for you a comprehensive energy assessment, presenting the exact savings you should expect on your next energy bill. Take some time to look at our site to see how we do it.

Let Deductive Energy turn you onto an easy way to go green.

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What Our Customers are Saying...
"Our new fixtures from Deductive Energy have provided us with better, more natural light. We value the importance of providing a safe and good quality work environment for our employees. The precision and accuracy of what we produce is what gives us a competetive advantage in this challenging marketplace. This was the best investment we could have made. Our new lights have both increased our work environment and the precision of our work. Deductive Energy installed four fixtures for us to test. As soon as they were put up our employees were asking how soon the rest could be put in. When you look at the cost savings as well as the light improvement, working with Deductive Energy doesn't just make sense, it is good for business."

Steve Garrison, President, Duwe Metal Products


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