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InteLite™ Controls

Efficiency is the best way to improve your bottom and the InteLite™ wireless control platform can reduce energy consumption even further – often by an additional 50%.

Orion’s InteLite® controls will significantly reduce your energy costs by managing your lighting needs more effectively. The InteLite® systems can incorporate wireless motion and ambient light sensors, and schedule controls to allow lights to turn on and off automatically.


Intelite® I Controller System – 5 Zone Control
  • Color coded controls allow for easy-to-use wireless control of up to 5 zones for various buildings lighting and energy needs.
  • It can handle any size facility with its unlimited range wireless system.
  • Simple time-of-day scheduling.
  • Ambient light sensor integration capability allowing your clients to take advantage of daylight harvesting.
  • Simple, push button programming can be done on-site.
  • InteLite® I dramatically reduces the costs and time associated with implementing a flexible, expandable energy savings system. No high voltage wiring required anywhere.
  • It’s easy to install, simple to operate, reliable and cost effective.


Intelite® II Control System - Intuitive
  • Unlimited zone control
  • Individual devices (HVAC, lighting, etc.) can be controlled separately or in zones
  • Manage and control both your and utility demand response energy needs
  • Internet secure connection accessible
  • Expandable
  • Ambient sensor integration
  • Motion sensor integration
  • Time-of-day scheduling
  • 365 day calendar scheduling
  • Override capability
  • Wireless, two way communications to controlled devices
  • Advanced, real-time metering