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Compact Modular™ High Intensity Fluorescent Fixtures

Our Compact Modular high-intensity fluorescent fixtures deliver approximately 50% more light than traditional HID systems, while consuming half the energy.

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

U.S. electricity consumption has quadrupled since 1940 and is projected to increase 41% by 2030. This means that as electrical rates increase, Orion fixtures give you even more value and even faster payback.

Orion’s patented lighting systems incorporate superior optical and thermal efficiency to deliver the most output with the least input. After all, every watt saved drops right to your bottom line year after year.

Compact Modular™ High Intensity Fluorescent (HIF) versus High Intensity Discharge (HID)

Orion Compact Modular™ HIF

High Intensity Discharge

Use approximately 221 watts, saving energy and money

Use approximately 465 watts, wasting energy and money

Operates at a relatively cool 100 degrees F

Burns hot, upwards of 1,000 degrees F

Modular, plug-and-play technology means fast, easy installation

Often has to be hardwired to branch circuit

Produces natural light – often described as sunlight at noon

Produces orange-or yellow tinted light

Turns on instantly

Approximately 10 minute start up times

Compact Modular™ Technical Specifications – Click Here