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Measurable and Verifiable

Lighting Energy Audit

Phase 1

Base Load Reduction

The base load energy reduction project starts with a circuit test to show the improved light quality and verify energy savings for your facility. Our comprehensive energy assessment provides you with the hard data needed to understanding the most effective steps you should take to reach your goals, both financially and environmentally. The assessment is the foundation of the energy savings guarantee that we make on our proposals to our customers. We will use that information to define your existing lighting systems and the various lighting areas. We will then propose a new system for each area that is currently inefficient, and outline the specifics of our energy savings guarantee. In the end, you will receive what hundreds of other companies have already benefited from: significant cost reductions, improved cash flow and an improved working environment.

Phase 2

Peak Demand Response

Simple and reliable controls provide user-defined set-point optionality to maintain desired light levels throughout the day. This system will allow you to manage your energy use in real time and be responsive to your peak load demands.

Phase 3

Off the Grid

We will introduce you to direct renewable technology. There is no conversion loss because you are leveraging the natural light from the sun. We will integrate the light pipe into the Orion High Performance Lighting system in order to provide maximum peak load savings.

Lighting Energy Audit